How do I know that how much wall covering or wallpaper roll is needed for my project?

The first thing you need to consider that measuring accurate dimensions of your wall is not a tricky process. It needs a professional training as well as things to consider whether your wall is suitable for wallpaper or you need any other type of wall covering such as PVC panel, etc. Decorita is providing in-home free installation survey process where our wallpaper installation experts measure use tools and equipment to accurately measure your wall circumference in Sq.ft. A common wallpaper roll covers an area of 50 sq.ft.

A wallpaper installation is a self-doing a project or Do I need to hire a professional?

A briefly described above, it needs a lot of professional expertise, equipment and experienced because it’s not a trick it’s an art of dressing your walls. Because we deal with many customers who come at our platform with a sentence ” I try to remove wallpaper by myself and I’ve damaged my wall”, thus you must need to hire a professional. Decorate offering you wallpaper installation services right according to your space, budget, and taste..

There are many floors covering options are available, How much of them Deocrita is offering and How Do I choose the best one to fit my budget, space, and taste??

Yes, Dear, you’re right that there are many types of floor covering are available and Decorita is proud of providing all popular types of floor covering include vinyl floor, wooden floor, carpet, artificial grass and more. when it comes about to choose a floor covering options, then there’re many things needed to be considered like your surrounding environment, taste, furnishing, budget, and space. Deocrita is offering your Free in-home services to discuss your floor improvement plans with detailed and suggest you best floor covering option perfectly fits your budget, space, taste and surrounding environment.

Can I hang wallpaper cover over my old wall?

Yes, it’s possible, but under some certain conditions. In some cases, wall panel has texture surface, dirt layer if you cleaned yet which can disturb a strong bonding between wallpaper sheet and panel surface. It needs some professional expertise and high-tech equipment. Decorita is proud of offering his valued customer wallpaper installation services with an experienced installation team along with their high-tech gadgets..

In how many types I'm capable of covering my home or office windows? how do I choose the best windows covering options with the help of Decorita at my doorstep?

The world has changed! there are many types of windows covering option include glass-paper, curtain, and window blinds. Decorita is proud of dealing with all three types of window covering options. We provide in-home services where our representative present at your doorstep with the sample and suggestion helping you choose the best window covering options according to your space nature either residential or commercial, budget and taste.

I want to place an order at Decorita, What the procedure from start to finish?

Decorita is providing the first-ever one of the best in-home services all over the Pakistan. We’ve made the order procedure easy and convenient for our customers. • Our Sales representative will visit your living place at the scheduled meeting with samples and suggestions. • In the case of order placement, 10% of payment will be paid in Advance, material, labor on receiving material at your doorstep while whole labor will be received right after the completion of work..

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