Glass Paper


Decorita introduced a new tradition to dress your windows with glass-paper. Thus glass-paper not only protect the window from getting damaged and scratches but also add an elegant look. We make sure the 100% superior quality gloss paper with unique designs to manifest our customers in a very cost-effective budget. A wide variety of customization options is available in color, design, and size. If you look closely then Glass paper is the necessary need to replace with curtains, blinds, and others etc.

Glass-paper for home

: You mostly have glass windows in your bedroom, drawing room, and TV lounge. You want that piece to hide from someone else standing outside, but you won't cover the wall with bricks because it'll block the sunlight and fresh air. Decorita offers you custom printed design glass-paper to cover this window completely untransparently.

Glass-paper for offices

: Each commercial or industrial place is divided into different offices specifically for different departments such as Human resources departments, Accounts departments,Operation Managerís department, Asst. Manageís department, etc. Windows can never be removed, but it makes some security issues and shows unprofessional environment. Decorita helps you to hide each glass wall with blurred glass-paper special designs sure to meet your requirements .

  • Brand: Chines